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While most of the other women prefer pissing at home this beautiful nubile redhead gal takes it to the woods squatting down under a tree to pee. She does it shamelessly spreading her pissing pussy and touching her horny clit to make the experience even more arousing and absolutely satisfying. Watch her shower the ground with hot piss and give amazing close-ups of her wet pink slit!

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Pissing on a basketball court

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This old outdoor basketball court has seen it all – crossovers, dunks, game-winners, but it has never seen such a fabulous blonde sweetie squat down and pee behind the imaginary 3-point line. Just check out these awesome ass close-ups! This sporty booty would be voted All-Star any given year and the stream of hot pee makes her a legitimate MVP (Must-see Voyeur Pissing) candidate. Game on!

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Redhead’s outdoor urination

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When a pretty amateur redhead wants to shock the world with a fantastic outdoor pee display all y’all fans can just sit back and watch enjoying this viewing experience to the fullest. This chick is so fresh and natural squatting down in the open and spreading her wet pussy to empty her bladder in front of the camera. Indeed, fully an unforgettable pleasure to witness!

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Pissing after an extra beer

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For this red-haired amateur gal drinking even more beer when her bladder was already overstretched and busting was probably a bad idea. No wonder soon enough her pissing urge got so heavy she just couldn’t resist it any longer. That’s when she shamelessly took off her panties and squatted down behind the porch blasting an awesome stream of hot piss right on the asphalt. Wow, this unknowing kitten must have been holding it for a while!

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Peeing mania outdoor fantasy

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An irresistible pissing desire takes over this pretty redhead right on the street and she wastes no time finding a quiet spot to squat down, spread her pussy and pee in front of the camera. Watching her do it outside is such a great pleasure cuz she does it with real devotion showering the ground with her golden nectar and enjoying every moment of it with an exquisite mix of sensations only outdoor pissing gives.

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Gushing pussy open air pissing

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When the sun is shining and it’s warm and comfy in the open this pretty chick lets her peeing mania take over and spreads her wet pussy to pee on some old empty playground. She starts with flashing her sexy panties, but you can tell she just can’t wait to pull them down her legs and deliver an ideal stream of hot piss facing the camera. What a shameless outdoor pisser and she’s doing it with so much devotion it makes you wanna join her there and try it yourself.

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Outdoor pissing with perfect arc

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Check out this amateur gal going bottomless in a forest and squatting down on a thick stomp to pee right on the ground. The arc is ideal and her wet pink twat looks delicious when she does what she loves most not giving a damn about the camera. Spontaneous outdoor pissing always makes her excited and satisfies some of her most depraved erotic cravings.

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